If you’ve written in, I can edit it:

Business Editing

You’re swamped at work and are juggling a lot of tasks; nonetheless, you know it’s important that web content, proposals, case studies, white papers, and other materials your organization shares with others are understandable and error free. You want help quickly, and you want it done by someone you can count on to do it right so you can focus on other essential business.

Academic Editing

You’re a student or an academic and you want to make sure you’ve put together the strongest representation of your work possible. You want to ensure that your grammar is exactly right and maybe you’d like some help expressing your ideas, improving your writing, and / or checking style and citation formatting.

Book Editing

You’re an author but could really use another set of eyes to make sure your book is understandable and error free. You want make sure your voice is preserved but at the same time want to ensure that you’ve communicated your ideas clearly.

Personal Document Editing

You’re a busy person with a lot on your plate; yet, you know it’s always important to put your best foot forward, especially when it comes to résumés, cover letters, and other important matters. You want help expressing yourself clearly, making sure your sentences and paragraphs are properly constructed and well written, and ensuring that your document is error free.

English as a Second Language Editing

English is your second language, and it’s difficult for you to express your thoughts and ideas in English. You’d like help communicating more clearly and would like assistance with word choice, idiom use, and grammar.

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