Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

The term technical documentation typically refers to documents that describe or explain the handling, functionality, and / or architecture of a product or service and are used for a variety purposes. Technical documentation is written for diverse audiences including sales people, system integrators, installation staff, operators, service technicians, potential investors, and others.

Technical documentation includes but is by no means limited to:

  • Description of features
  • Item or components / materials specifications
  • Test methods
  • Manufacturing standards
  • System specifications
  • System design
  • System architecture

What I can do for you:

  • Gather necessary information from company SMEs (subject matter experts)
  • Convey highly technical information with clarity and concision
  • Communicate information accurately
  • Tailor the document’s structure and level of detail for the intended audience
  • Appropriately cite sources (as required)
  • Create tables and charts

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Writing Samples

  • Product Description, CirCal Aps

    Product Description, CirCal Aps

    Self Service Me is an intelligent software product that is both automated and intuitive. It provides a simple and fast way for end-users to report printer issues and receive notifications…

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  • Features Sheet (excerpt), iWave Software

    Features Sheet (excerpt), iWave Software

    The Unified Storage Infrastructure (USI) is the common code base between all EMC OEM platforms. USI 2.0 has a single client API (REST) that facilitates the execution of numerous storage…

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