Web Content & Blog Posts

Web Content & Blog Posts

Your page content, FAQs, blogs, and other web content are the face of your company. People come to your website to find out about you and your company and to learn what you can do for them.

As they say, “content is king,” and your content needs to deliver the information and answers your visitors are looking for clearly and concisely and in a manner that is compelling and engaging. You want your visitors to stick around, check out different pages, learn some things, and come back for more.

I can help:

  • Develop original blog posts
  • Create original content for every web page
  • Write dynamic content
  • Produce content that’s free of typos and spelling errors
  • Write concisely and clearly
  • Write in way that speaks to your target audience

Contact me, and let’s talk about how I can help.

Writing Samples

  • Warehouse Management Systems

    Blog Post, Warehouse Management Systems

    Not all warehouse management systems (WMS) are alike. When you have the right system, you can expect streamlined processes and increased efficiencies that elevate customer satisfaction and improve profitability…

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  • Gina Risso Photgraphy

    Web Content, “About Me,” Gina Risso Photgraphy

    My first photo shoot was in the summer of 1976. I was 10 and my model—my sister, Annie—was 7. My camera: my dad’s 110. That summer, the fashion…

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  • Market House

    Web Content, “About Us,” Market House (Bend, Oregon)

    Nowadays, companies are not limited by locale in their choice of talent. Technological advances have brought the world to our doorsteps, and Oregon’s Market House takes advantage…

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  • Maptive

    Web Content, “FAQ,” Maptive

    Create maps that monitor the progress of an ongoing humanitarian effort such as disaster relief. Such maps can provide community members and service workers with essential logistics…

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  • Square Wallet

    Blog Post, “Square Wallet,” Market House (Bend, Oregon)

    If you’ve been to a street fair or a Saturday market lately, you’ve most likely noticed the little contraptions vendors are plugging into their smartphones to process payments. That’s Square…

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  • V.4 Coming Soon

    Blog Post, “V.4 Coming Soon,” Maptive

    Maptive has built a reputation for helping people gain insight from location data with mapping tools that serve a variety of needs. Maptive 4, the coming release of our web-based…

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